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Stress relief

Our life is very stressful in our days. Feel better, confident, full of power, relaxed, calm, optimist...


Fear of flight, fear of dark, fear of driving on highway, or other kind of fear, I can make it disappear.

Sleep Improvement

If you don't have health problems that can create you insomnia I can help you with this.


Chronic pain from many years? I can help self-control  this burden of your life.

Past Life Regression

Believer of reincarnation, curious to know about past life regression, your subconscious mind can tell you  about this.

Imagery, Spirituality Healing

External energies can be attracted by our subconscious mind and with imagery technique or spiritual imagery can heal many of your illness. Believe, it is only what you need.



Sport Improvement

Quick response on decision, improve your performance, confidence, relaxation, concentration, less anxiety...

Weight Management

Tired of trying many diet programs and you can not maintain your weight goal, see me for improvement of your appearance.

Relationship Improvement

Do you know the law of attraction it is between two different people: emotional and sexual and they are very different. Try with me to understand the difference and improve your relations.

Forget where you hide an object

Your subconscious mind can tell you where it is by a regression on time.

Bad Habits

Bitting your nails, difficult to control when you are in public, or other bad habits.

   Referred Medical Issues

All medical issues that need use of hypnosis technique are welcoming.



Please, contact me, if you have another issue to tell you if I can help.




Have a test, need relaxation, concentration, calm, performance...


Success, Money...

Many years of loosing, difficulties and bad luck. I can change your life.


Neuro Linguistic Program

Learn NLP and you will attract more customers and your advertising will be a success.

Stop Smoking

Difficult to quit, many withdraw problems using other methods, try my method.



I can learn you self control and relaxation by using self-hypnosis.

Handwriting Analysis

Your handwriting is controled by your subconscious mind, analyzing it I can tell more about you.

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