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Helping you through Hypnosis

Are you stressed?

Have you tried diet-after-diet and still can’t lose that weight?

If you have to speak in front of a crowd, you have a presentation to make and feeling like you just can’t cope?

Are you an athlete and just can’t focus? 

Have you been biting your nails since  childhood and want to stop?

Are you still smoking? Do you want to stop?

Hypnosis can help you!


And more....


Situational stress/relaxation/wellness

Do goal-setting regarding problems


Weight management /appearance

Sleep improvement

Interpersonal skills/NLP


Spirituality/past life regression


Handwriting personality


Improve focus and concentration

Find lost objects

Forgiveness/release guilt 

Anger release 

Learn self-hypnosis 

Test and exam confidence

Motivation and positive thinking

Referred medical issues

Why you chose to come for a hypnosis session?

You are here because you desire to change?

Are you ready to initiate positive change in your life?

Are negative beliefs, attitudes and emotions holding you back from achieving your goals?

If you answered yes, then you are not alone.

So ask yourself:

Do I want to change?

Am I tired of coping with unfortunate circumstances?

How much longer will I wait to spark my fearless self?

 Using a variety of proven, innovative HYPNOSIS techniques we put you in touch with your subconscious mind. With your complete trust and participation in the process you WILL feel better and ACCOMPLISH MORE!

Please, contact us, before make any payments!

Hypnosis Consulting Session






Your sessions with me will help you uncover issues that are holding you back, creating negative energy, and keeping you from achieving what you desire in life. 

No information will be disclosed to anyone without your written consent.

An initial complimentary 15-20 minute consultation is offered prior to your commitment.

You may be required to complete a questionnaire/intake form.

Clients typically need of about 3 - 6 sessions (1h-2h/session) for complete resolution.

Hypnosis is a process that can help you with whatever you need to work on to make you a better you. As your hypnotist, I work with you to gently give your subconscious mind suggestions that help you get the results you want.

This course will have many parts:

Attention improvement

Techniques of concentration

Memorization techniques

Imagination training

Breathing techniques

Meditation, mindfulness and stillness


Please, contact us for more information on meditation course


Available anywhere in Canada and in the world! 

What do you need to sessions over the Phone?

Just get a free consultation over the phone, then you will fill out a form that we will send you by email, we book the session, and then you make your payment on-line.

What do you need to Skype?

a.- Install Skype on your computer

b.- Have a video camera and microphone on your computer. You can use your smartphone too.

c.- You need High Speed Internet

d.- Get a free consultation by Skype or Telephone prior to your session

e.- Make the payment on-line at least 48 hrs before your session through paypal using any type of credit card.

Guidelines to enhance your telephone-based experience:

A comfortable headset or speaker phone is recommended.

A private and comfortable space where you can lie down.

Allow for at least two (2) uninterrupted hours of privacy.

* Please note our 48 hr cancellation policy for any changes to your appointment. If you are not available at the time you had booked, you will be charged for the session.

* Please note that I do not provide erotic  sessions.

*My services are 100% professional and ethical

After you contact me, download these forms, read, sign and send them to me to the e-mail received from me: 

Application for Meditation Course

Medical Referral


Personal Data Record

Disclosure of Services

Consent of Release Information

Parental or Custodial Consent


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